Event Planning Company

Light Up Your Night with an Event Planning Company

Whether you have booked an auditorium, scheduled the appearance outside, or are still pulling together the details, make sure your event sings when you hire RAVL audio visual event services. Our event planning company has the expertise, equipment, and technicians ready to provide the light, sounds, and sight to make your day memorable and newsworthy.
Put a Spotlight on Your Speakers
Work with our lighting technician to determine if you require simple floodlights, a following spot, strobes, or color-changing background to give the right look and feel to your presentation. We provide the rigging, wiring, and installation. Do you need someone to operate the equipment? We will also take care of that detail. Our large inventory is ready to tackle intimate spaces and huge outdoor venues.
Microphones, Speakers, and Mixing Boards
How will your guests hear the presenter? Take your pick of handheld microphones, wireless clip-ons, and wired podiums able to hold their notes. We are able to tie into existing sound systems or create one from scratch. Is there a soundtrack? Air the music over huge or small speakers sized appropriately to the space.
Setting the Stage for a Successful Event
Are you not quite sure where to begin? Give us a ring when you have booked the location, and we can meet up with you to size up the room, talk about your presentation schedule, and requirements for speakers, musicians, and your expo booth. Our event planning company can suggest the audio, lighting and visual upgrades needed to leave a lasting impression with attendees and guests.
Give us a call to discuss equipment requirements, pricing, delivery, and schedules. Plan ahead for the convention season and reserve the right pieces from our audio visual event services.